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Stefania Vara is a ceramist creator from Barcelona. She focuses her work on ceramics with organic and natural forms, embracing imperfection as an essential part of the creative process as an image of life.


She discovered his passion for ceramics in 2016 by studying at various institutions including Escola Industrial de Barcelona.

Her work as a nurse in a psychiatric center has been a great influence through sharing her experience with patients in processes of dementia and Alzheimer, in their way back to the most primitive and essential state of human being.


For her, the process of creation is intimately connected with this journey. Ceramics is the tool she uses to shape it.


In addition to her studies of nursing and ceramics, she has a degree in Photography from the Escola Grisart and has studied Art and Design at the Escola Massana in Barcelona.  


Since 2018, she combines her work as a nurse and a ceramist, and teaches at ['Eko.] Ceramic Space in Barcelona.  

+34 696582204
plates, crockery, cups, bowls, vases
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