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smoke fired



I start a work process with the intention that the materials will indicate the next steps, focused on the need to let me flow in the process beyond own judgments and censorship.  


I feed on nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The sensations that are born from escaping from the city, from noise, from speed, from technology to begin a path of connection with myself in which the piece and I become part of a whole that has always been there for us.


I thought of the force of nature as both a destructive and creative energy. I imagined great volcanoes erupting, covering everything with a blanket of lava and ashes. transforming the landscape, transforming the rock at its mercy. making visible all the life that also lies within the earth.  


Letting yourself go in creation is one of the most important learnings as an artist and human being. Letting the fire turn its flames into hands and assume its role as co-creator, burning and drawing on pieces that dialogue between perfection and imperfection fascinate me.





The work process is the fruit of the union of fire, smoke and other materials of nature.


The pieces are low fired first to give them the strength to withstand the fire while maintaining their porosity. Later, they are placed in a metal container in the open air, together with sawdust, wood shavings, leaves, branches, flowers and other natural elements.  


Once the fire is lit, the pieces burn for one night until all the materials are converted into ashes and drawing on the pieces with the marks of smoke and fire.  


The fact that each flame is unrepeatable, makes each piece unique.

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